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This name incorporates the personal ethics, qualities and principles I hold close to my heart.

The Celtic Triskelon in the logo speaks to the holistic balance of mind, body and spirit. Within this symbol is the movement of action, revolution and competition. The meaning revolves around strength and progress – the ability to move forward and overcome adversity.

The sacred energetic spirals represent the infinite cycle of life and patterns of growth.

Sanskrit ‘Priya’ means ‘beloved’ and incorporates: power of expression, creative, clear sighted and intellectual, comfortable, appreciative, holding justice and truth, great sense of responsibility.

These are the commitments of my practise in Dunedin, Aotearoa New Zealand.
I offer you a professional Clinical Psychology service infused with creativity and care.

Art by Jade Leyva with thanks


I have worked as a Clinical Psychologist for almost 20 years – now in Aotearoa New Zealand, previously Australia and South Africa.

My counselling career started off with magnificent organisations such as Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust, SWEAT (Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce), and Triangle Project (LGBTIQ+ organisation), firmly anchoring my passion for work with trauma, notably gender-based violence.

As a qualified Clinical Psychologist, I worked in cities and remote rural communities, and within different settings including hospitals, prison and non-governmental organisations. I have worked with many diverse cultural and language groups, side by side with traditional healers and community leaders. The empowering principles of Community Psychology have inspired and directed my approaches and interests.

I draw on a variety of psychological techniques, depending on clients’ individual needs and goals. These include EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), Heart-centred Hypnotherapy, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Sensorimotor Art Therapy, Mindfulness and other evidence-based modalities.

Perhaps for you, therapy would be a journey of empowerment involving healing from traumas such as dislocation, sexual abuse or family violence; exploration of a personal loss or a professional dilemma… or exploration of your spiritual self and mental wellbeing.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  • University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Psychology Honours
  • Rhodes University, South Africa
  • Clinical Psychology Masters
  • University of Cape Town, South Africa


  • Trauma
  • Gender-based violence
  • LGBTIQ+ community
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  • Community Psychology
  • Transpersonal Psychology


New Zealand Psychologists Board
New Zealand Psychological Society
The New Zealand EMDR Association
Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
EMDR Association of Australia
Health Professions Council of South Africa


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a psychotherapy technique used to help people heal from emotional distress and the symptoms that result from disturbing life experiences. EMDR therapy is an eight-phase treatment using eye movements or other bilateral stimulation.

Research has shown that EMDR is a faster method than many other trauma therapies, and the effects last. It does not involve as much talking as other methods, which can be a welcome relief to clients who might feel re-traumatised in telling their stories over again. EMDR is recognised and endorsed by the World Health Organisation.
These short video clips may be helpful in explaining EMDR:


Please make contact via phone or text – or your GP or other relevant organisation could send me a referral.

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Nicola Woodin clinical psychologist


If you are not in Dunedin to attend sessions in person, I am available to do video-conferencing via a secure online platform. All sessions are usually 55 minutes. Some sessions (eg when we do EMDR) are one and a half hours.

If you cannot make the time we arranged, please let me know as soon as possible. You will be charged for sessions not cancelled 24 hours ahead of time. This is because I cannot schedule in someone else at late notice.


What you share with me is private. The information gathered in therapy is part of your assessment, diagnosis and treatment. It enables me to provide a relevant and informed psychological service. Notes are kept in a locked computer file. You may have access to them on request. I will not share them with anyone else unless they are subpoenaed by law.

Nicola Woodin clinical psychologist


Confidentiality means that what is discussed is not repeated to others unless I get your permission to do so for a specific purpose, such as giving your doctor feedback as to your progress or referring you to other professionals as needed.

There are three main exceptions where it may be necessary to break your confidentiality. They are when:

  • I believe you are at risk of harming yourself.
  • You are at risk of harming someone else or committing a serious criminal offence.
  • If you are being threatened or harmed (physical/ sexual abuse) by someone else.

In these cases, I would discuss my plan of action with you first but might need to alert other people such as family members or relevant authorities, to ensure safety.


I do not write reports for court or for any claims.
On occasion I can assist with support letters and referral letters.

Nicola Woodin clinical psychologist


My fee for a session is $200 including GST.
This price stays constant even with longer sessions involving hypnosis or EMDR.
Some people are eligible for financial assistance through external agencies such as ACC.

Art by Jade Leyva with thanks

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Nicola Woodin

B Soc Sci Psych; BA Psych (Hons); MPsych (Clinical)